Windows 7 Laptops

Windows 7 Laptops

HP 6510b Widescreen Windows 7 Laptop

- Authorised Refurbished Product  - Brown Boxed with Operating System Software installed. ..


HP Elitebook 6930p Widescreen Laptop

- Authorised Refurbished Product  - Brown Boxed with Operating System Software installed. ..


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Thinks to consider when purchasing a cheap windows 7 laptop.

We manage to keep the prices cheap due to buying these laptops in bulk and passing the savings onto our customers resulting in us have many cheap windows 7 laptops under £200. We also have a range of laptops with windows xp.

All our windows 7 laptops for sale are listed above.

It's safe to say that Windows 8 has had a difficult time and has pretty much flunked in the minds of PC users mainly due to its major UI overhaul. Unfortunately, PC users can no longer purchase new Windows 7 installs or downloads that will allow them to install 7 on there new laptops but that doesn't mean Windows 7 is gone for good. Buyers in search of Windows 7 can still buy a high specification laptop that comes preloaded with the windows 7 OS. These are the best Windows 7 laptops you can buy today.

Microsoft Windows 7 is still a current operating system, but laptop manufacturers have moved almost all their systems to Windows 8, so you won’t find a lot of models to choose from when buying new. However, Windows 7 is still the standard for business computing and a personal favourite of most Microsoft fans.

Here is our range of laptops with windows 7.  We have been supplying refurbished laptops with Windows 7 in the UK since it was released and it has proven to be one of the most reliable operating systems that we have tested here at Refurbished Laptops Direct. All our windows 7 laptop deals in this category have been put through a full refurbishment process which includes a fresh installation of Windows 7 professional. With savings of up to 80%, buying  reconditioned laptops can be an affordable way to get the best windows 7 laptop available.