Under £300

Under £300

Lenovo Thinkpad L430 Laptop i5 2.50GHz 3rd Gen 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Warranty Windows 10

At a GlanceThe superb Lenovo ThinkPad L430 laptop with 4GB of memory, Intel HD 4600 Graphics an..


Lenovo Thinkpad T440 Laptop i5 1.90GHz 4th Gen 8GB RAM 1000GB HDD SSD Warranty Windows 10 Webcam

At a Glance Meet the Lenovo® ThinkPad® T440, a laptop whose every feature has been designed for you..


Lenovo Thinkpad X230 Laptop i5 2.60GHz 3rd Gen 4GB RAM Warranty Windows 7

At a Glance The small and powerful, Lenovo ThinkPad X230 with an Intel i5 3rd Gen processor and Mic..


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Laptops Under £300

If you have a choice of buying a new laptop under £300 or a refurbished laptop under £300 then it’s a no brainer that refurbished is the best laptop under £300 you could go for. New laptops at this price point are cheap for a reason. They are built with substandard parts, are generally very unreliable and priced at this range for a reason. When you buy a refurbished laptop for under £300 you are getting a laptop that is aimed at the business consumer. This means they are reliable, with a high specification and not very old. These laptop retailed new at anything up to £1200. We also have some laptops under £250 which are a little cheaper but are still a fantastic buy. We stock dell refurbished laptops and refurbished HP laptops. We have a range of cheap refurbished laptops under £200. We are one of the largest suppliers of cheap laptops uk.